Burglary Insurance Claims

Burglary Insurance

Thefts and burglary is something inevitable, since your absence is something that a burglar is going to enjoy. Though we preserve the high protection and security, still for some misdeeds you might suffer from a burglary at your home.

Therefore, if you have burglary insurance then you can claim the same when damage caused to insured property and might occur due to theft or forcible and violent act. When you replace the amount while claiming, you can subject it to intrinsic value of the property and insured sum limit.

How to claim for burglary insurance?

You need to inform the insurer and submit the documents that you might require to process as suggested by the insurance company you have chosen.

  • You must intimate your Insurance Company on time
  • You must preserve the damaged property
  • You must take photographs of the burglary location

Documents Required to Submit

  • Submit correctly filled claim form with below documents
  • Obtain FIR and NTC(Non-traceable certificate) for the insured property got stolen.
  • Undertaking on stamp paper for the value to be given back to respective insurance company, if the stolen property is found.
  • Photos of damaged property in case of burglary and forced violent entry.


What are the exclusion in Burglary Insurance?
What to do if claim is rejected by insurer?


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