Carriers Legal Liability

Carrier Legal Insurance

Carrier legal liability policy can be claimed in case the insured goods gets damaged or hampered during the course of delivery or transport of goods. It can happen while dispatching , transporting , packing , transmitting , water damage, damage to cargo due to fire , flood, accident etc.

How to claim for carrier legal liability ?

Inform the Insurer and submit documents required for process as suggested by insurance company you choosed.

Documents required

  • Submit correctly filled claim form with below documents
  • Obtain FIR and NTC(Non-traceable certificate) for the insured property got stolen.
  • Courier or carrier receipt having records of goods being carried.
  • If explosive items are being transported then a copy of license is important.
  • For emergency storage reason and place of storage and the bill of storage should be presented.
  • If there is a case of transhipment due to repair of vehicle, then report from repairer stating reason for repair
  • In case of pilferage/theft/shortage of goods a receipt log of items from where it is dispatched mentioning about the goods condition & nature and received log of items which got delivered.
  • Filling and loading bill in case of liquid cargos like(petroleum products/liquor/chemicals for drugs or other industry reforms).
  • Photos of cargo in case of damage to carrier and container used for storage and transport.
  • Meteorological report for any damage due to natural calamities like flood , cyclone etc.
  • In case the carrier has loaded cargos for other customers , then pre-assurance should be taken if it has explosive items being transported.


What are the reasons of rejecting claims?
What to do if claim is rejected for no-reason?


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