All Risk Insurance Claims

All risk insurance
What do you mean by all risk insurance? Well, a policy that helps you to cover all the damages done by natural or unnatural hazards to the most valuable items that you possess. Such items may include -laptop, mobiles, expensive cameras, jewelleries and other important and precious items.

How are you going to claim for all risk insurance claims?

You must inform your insurer before you submit the documents to initiate the claim processing as suggested by insurance company.

What Are the Documents Required to Initiate the Claim Processing?

  • Submit correctly filled claim form with below other document.
  • FIR report and non traceable certificate in case of Riots/Burglary/accidental loss/loss while travelling.
  • If damage is due to transportation then claim should be lodged on the carrier.
  • Damage to any subtle items like mobile phones, laptops, cameras should have report from the repairers with the cause of damage.


What are the reasons of rejecting claims?
What to do if claim is rejected for no-reason?


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