Electronic Equipment Insurance Claims

Electronic Insurance

To cover all accidental loss or damage caused to electronic gadgets or instruments like punch cards, mobiles , x-ray machine , cost to recollect and re-build all the data on external medias due to damage of external device.

How to claim for electronic equipment insurance?

Inform the Insurer and submit documents required for process as suggested by insurance company you choosed.

Documents required

  • Repair estimate from repairer and correctly filled claim form.
  • Actual bill with valid receipt from repairer.
  • In case of total loss claim of any equipment needs to have certification from the manufacturer stating that it cannot be reformed with valid cause/damage.
  • Original invoice copy of damaged equipment with transport cost and import duty paid at the time of import.
  • Imported machines should also have invoice copy even if it’s second hand.
  • In case of repair of imported equipment current value of spare parts along with it’s invoice should be presented.
  • Asset register details wherein the serial number is given.
  • Incase of increased cost
    • Estimate cost and time required for repair must be notified.
    • Certification from repairer after repairing is done.


What are the reasons of rejecting claims?
What to do if claim is rejected for no-reason?


    Document if any(image, excelsheet, pdf):

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