Marine Insurance Claims

Marine Insurance covers all risk involved while shipping of goods it can be because of missing container , explosion , theft , pilferage , non-delivery/delivered in outward condition. Various policies are there like newbuilding risks, open cargo , yacht Insurance , war risks, overdue insurance, cargo insurance, Increased value.


How to claim for marine insurance?

  1. Notify to Insurance company/TPA
  2. Survey/Missing report by the carrier
  3. Lodge complain on carrier
  4. Don’t give clear receipt on the delivery order.
  5. Insist insurance company to conduct joint survey.

Documents required:

  1. FIR report for any accidental case like explosion , burglary , riots , terrorist etc.
  2. Meteorological report in case of earthquake , volcanic eruption , lightning , falling of foreign object.
  3. Bill of lading
  4. Invoice and log of stocks with shipping details.
  5. Copies of correspondence exchanged if any with the carriers.
  6. Claim bill.

What are the major exclusions in a marine policy?

  • Exclusion will dependent on company’s terms & condition. Below are few common exclusion.
  • Loss or damage due to Inherent Vice
  • Loss or damage due to Delay
  • Loss or damage due to Insufficiency of packing
  • Loss or damage due to insolvency, financial default of ship owners, etc.
  • We have dedicated products that considerably widen the scope of cover offered by the Institute Clauses.


    Document if any(image, excelsheet, pdf):

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