Fire insurance Claims:

A sudden accident due to fire spread may happen sometime. However, you have taken the precautions beforehand still sometimes fire accidents can happen. Fire insurance should be helping you to claim your dues and recover yourself from the damages to your property and various valuable items.

Fire accidents can spread out any time due to lightning, explosion or riot/strike, weapon testing, hurricane, flood, aircraft collision. You can claim as per those situations. However, before that you need to know some of the basic steps to make a proper claim against the fire accidents.

fire insurance

How to claim for fire insurance?

Inform the Insurer and submit documents required for process as suggested by insurance company you choose

  • You must intimate your Insurance Company on time
  • Preserve the damaged property (Do not disturb the situation till surveyor arrives)
  • You must take photographs or videos of the accident location.

Documents you require to submit:

  • Fill claim form correctly.
  • Fire brigade report.
  • Incase of commercial/residential building: An approved plan copy of damaged area , by municipality which under insurance policy.
  • Incase of shops: License from Local Authority and Establishment Act, Copy of account log of last 30 days, Copy of Bills, Invoice of sales log of last 30 days, Record of belongings damaged and Municipal Tax Receipt.
  • Estimate loss with bill record of all valuables(Furniture , Jewellery ,Fitting etc)
  • Reports to be submitted according causes for damage.
    • Prevail meteorological report in case of natural disaster.
    • Prevail FIR in case of riots/strike, terrorist attack , FOD , Aircraft damage.
    • Prevail report from Inspector of Boiler in case of Implosion/Explosion.

What are the major exclusions in a fire policy?

  • War and war group of perils.
  • Nuclear group of perils.
  • Earthquake / volcanic eruption.
  • Theft / burglary except during strike.
  • Electrical fire due to short circuit, arcing, excess of voltage.


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