Employers Liability Insurance Claims

Employers Insurance

This policy will cover all essential liability of an employee which can be in case of death or body injuries or any disease faced during the course of employment. Insurance takes responsibility for employer whether as principal or contractor engaging “workmen” as mentioned in Workmen’s compensation Act. (WC Act.) to cover all liability.

How to claim for employer’s liability?

Inform the Insurer and submit documents required for process as suggested by insurance company you choosed.

Documents required

  • Submit correctly filled claim form with below other document.
  • Summons received from court.
  • In case of Death
    • FIR should be lodged in case of death and bodily injuries.
    • Enquiry and postmortem report.
  • All details of the incident in Accident register with time, date, location and anything involved in the included, attendance detail of the employee.
  • Medical reports with receipt if any payment done for first-aid or any other medication.
  • Movement registration details in case employee had to go out of office for work, with copy of tour reports, tour plans.
  • Medical pristine reports of every visit with his observation.
  • Details on visits of Inspector of Labor, Inspector of factories, Sanitary inspector from local body.


  • Any injury and accident caused due to war and nuclear attack or testing.
  • Insurer will not take responsibility for employee under contractor.
  • Any liability of the insured which attaches by virtue of an agreement. Any compensation for diseases mentioned in Part `C` of Workmen`s Compensation Act-1923.


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