Overseas Mediclaim Policy Insurance

overseas medical

This policy covers medical expenses by the insured persons when not in India. It takes account of body injuries and sickness and other ailments.

There are many other benefits listed below:

  • Expenses for both inpatient and outpatient is covered.
  • Medical Repatriation to India is also provided.
  • Cashless settlement through overseas services provider is also provided.
  • Covers loss of checked baggage , passport , trip cancellation , personal liability , personal accident cover.
  • Hijack cover
  • Missed departure upto specific time limit as mentioned in the policy
  • Delayed checked baggage.
  • In outpatient case if person informed but didn’t claim can claim after reaching India.But make sure that you obtained all original documents required

How to claim for overseas mediclaim?

Inform the overseas Insurer for medical emergencies and submit documents required for process as suggested by insurance company you choosed.

Documents required?

  • Submit correctly filled claim form with below other document.
  • Copy of policy with passport copy for identification.
  • Pre authorization of insured who is admitted to hospital insurance claim department who will process the claim and approve.
  • In Outpatient case if person didn’t claim at the time of treatment but informed , can claim after coming to India by submitting all necessary documents.
  • In case claim got rejected by overseas service provider the insured can lodge the claim in India.
  • Personal accident claims:
    • Incase of death
    • Death certificate and enquiry report.
    • FIR report by police authorities at overseas.
    • Incase of Injury
    • FIR report
    • In case of disability percentage of disablement supported by Medical Practitioner through reports.
    • Copies of treatment acquired.


    Document if any(image, excelsheet, pdf):

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