Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Claims

Fidelity Insurance

This policy covers any financial loss which he may suffer because of dishonest employee in any term like forgery, defalcation, fraud etc on or after the date of policy issue. Fidelity guarantee provides protection against individual taking responsibility of a cashier, store-keeper etc. This policy has 3 types they are: Individual Policy, Collective Policy and Floating Policy.

How to claim for fidelity guarantee?

Inform the Insurer and submit documents required for process as suggested by insurance company you choose.

Documents required?

  • Submit correctly filled claim form with below other documents.
  • Private reference of the employee who was fraudulent.
  • FIR report affirming about the fraud with date and detail of the loss.
  • Auditors report to have estimate amount of loss.
  • Detail report from witnesses who can validate about the loss.
  • Evidence about the property value stolen by submitting invoice , receipts , cheques deposited etc.
  • Terminal benefits from any employee.

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