Forty Lacs rupees Insurance cover for every LPG consumer

Many of us don’t know that whenever you get home a refilled LPG cylinder , you also get INR 40 Lacs of insurance which you can claim at the time of any mishap caused by LPG cylinder.

This general awareness is not commonly known by daily LPG consumers, that resulted in one’s destructive loss with no recovery. And many because of unawareness tend to ignore the matter and same government & LPG providers do instead of aiding the one already in panic.

We didn’t come across any loss getting recovered , it’s due to negligence of administrator. Even many high level employees who are working in various gas agencies said that the company’s bear the loss if any demolition is caused due to cylinder blast. Irony is many other staffs who are contributing their daily hours in managing the services and other operations of GAS agency were not aware of such laws.

One of the senior personnel working in an agency said that “An agency should provide insurance on issue of every gas connection compulsorily that too from their office/godown. Many agencies take their obligations seriously by renewing it every year for their customers.

Senior Manager of HP Amitabh Dhar said  “Company and dealers has to make insurance separately for their consumers”. The process of insurance claim starts as soon as you inform your gas agency , they pass on this info to the company and after taking all estimation of loss and reason for blast which is done by surveying the site of blast after which recover money is given. Company pays the insurance amount to the person at loss.

Things consumers should check always:

  1. Buy connection from certified agent and get the connection checked.
  2. Check cylinder at the time of delivery
  3. Keep check on pipe that connects stove with cylinder.
  4.  Clean burner and pipe on regular basis.

Even after so advancement in commercialization these days , this message have not reached to many.So please ensure that this doesn’t stay till you. Let people know about this and protect themselves from unseen losses that may occur anytime in future.

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